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Hebden Bridge
West Yorkshire
The town gets its name from the bridging point across Hebden Water. The stone bridge seen today dates from 1510. It is this water that was harnessed to power the textile mills in the early 19th century. The weavers’ cottages are built close together rising up one on top of the other from the valley floor. Further prosperity came with the building of the Rochdale canal in 1798 and the arrival of the railway in 1840. There is no industry left in the town today, instead it has become an arts town attracting visitors to its many events and also to the ‘bohemian’ lifestyle of its residents who work hard to keep its unique character.


Must See
Marina, Hardcastle Crags, Weavers Cottages
Calder Valley Cruising , Bronte Boat Hire , Hebble End Works , Bridge Mill , Hardcastle Crags
Market Day
Wednesday (2nd hand), Thursday
Wide Variety of specialist independent
Trades Club, The Little Theatre
Tourist Info Centre
Butler's Wharf, Hebden Bridge HX7 8AF
Direct Access
Rail station. Bus. Central car parking.
1hr Town Walk
A circular walk around the town, to see weavers houses and the canal side.
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Duck Race
Duck Race

Held on Easter Monday at 3:15pm when numbered plastic ducks are 'released' into Hebden Beck and first duck under the bridge is the winner.

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Hebden Bridge Jazz and Blues Festival
Hebden Bridge Jazz and Blues Festival

Live bands playing in halls and pubs. Spring Bank Holiday weekend.

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Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade
Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade

Giant puppets made by the community (with help from professional artists) made in the weeks in the run up to a parade throughout the town centre usually held on second Saturday in July.

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Hebden Bridge Arts Festival
Hebden Bridge Arts Festival

Usually held over a week at the end of June. Music, comedy, exhibitions, workshops, poetry, theatre, etc.

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Hebden Bridge Vintage Car Weekend
Hebden Bridge Vintage Car Weekend

Usually first weekend in August Rally of of cars and motorcycles. Stalls, auto-jumble and other events.

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