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North Yorkshire
Stone in Tadcaster was quarried to build York – the Romans called the town ‘Calcaria’ (limestone). Quarries still supply the stone for York Minster. Today it is a brewing centre with three major breweries: John Smith's (1883) and his nephew's Samuel Smith's (1886), and the American owned Coors (2002). A railway used to pass through the town and the by-pass takes the traffic out of the town centre – leaving it a place to wander around the shops and have a stroll on the riverbank.


Must See
St Mary’s Church, Roman sites
St Mary's Church
St Mary's Church
Kirkgate, Tadcaster LS24 9BL

Fragments of a Saxon cross can be seen inside. The church is mentioned in the Domesday Book (1086). It was re-built in stone in the 12th century, but this church was burnt down by the Scots in 1318. It was rebuilt again, but in 1875 was taken down and re-built 5ft higher due to subsidence caused by flooding.

Admission: Free (please leave donation)
Open: Weekends or just after/before a service
Tel: 01937 833394 (Vicar)

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Battle of Towton
Battle of Towton
Off B1217 Towton to Saxton road

England's bloodiest battle took place 3 miles away from Tadcaster. Over 30,000 men died on Palm Sunday (29 March) 1461 during the Wars of the Roses (as to which King should rule England: supporters of Edward IV called Yorkists or Henry VI called Lancastrians). On the day Lancastrians won. The site - marked by a roadside cross - is on the minor road (B1217) leading from Towton to Saxton / Lotherton Hall. There are interpretation boards in the lay-by by the cross. Worth visiting Lead Church a mile beyond the battlefield - you have to cross a (muddy) field to get to it. It stood there at the time of the battle.

Admission: Free
Open: All year round

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Market Day
Independent local
Tourist Info Centre
The Ark, Library or Tadcaster Newsagents
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Direct Access
Bus station. Central car parking.
1.5hr Town Walk
A 60 minute circular walk past the breweries, the church, along the riverbank and over the bridge.
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